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I have autism. This means that I can be prone to misunderstandings. However, I recognize that this is not an excuse to be rude to other people, so feel free to call me out if I say anything too out of line.

My hours on the internet are limited because I'm on an antipsychotic that makes me sleep 10+ hours a day. I also go to school during the day.

I invite discourse related debates and discussions, but be civil. If you're going to clown on my interests, literally don't bother.

I am a devout atheist, any religious symbol I wear or post is for aesthetic purposes. I like to talk about atheism, but some intense religious talk can get very uncomfortable or triggering for me.

Also, I have trauma and will find these topics triggering if brought up without warning:

♕Images of red/orange sports cars♕

♕Audio of cars revving♕

♕Audio of the band "McCafferty"♕

♕Religious preaching and indoctrination.♕

♕Gore involving eyes, mouth, or veins.♕


do not interact

I don't have an actual DNI, but if you're going to clown on my interests or start pointless discourse, don't bother.



Hi, my name is Owen. I am a trans man and gay. I am in college in Chattanooga! I am an INTP/5w4 and a Knight of Doom. ⚣







theatre ♦
build-a-bears ♦
music (bass & piano)
German Language/Culture


Hetalia ♦
Avatar the Last Airbender
Marvel (Comics and MCU)
Rick and Morty
Death Note ♦

♦ - special interest
click on Build-a-bears to see my collection!




Japan/Kiku (Hetalia) ♦

L (Death Note) ♦

James (Pokemon)

Zuko (ATLA)

Ford Pines (Gravity Falls)

Saiki (Saiki K)

House (House MD)

comfort characters:

Koro-sensei (Ass. Class) ♦

Kagami (Ultimate Otaku Teacher)♦

Equius (Homestuck)

Tavros (Homestuck)

Gamzee (Homestuck)

Uncle Iroh (ATLA)

Meowth (Pokemon)♦

Tamaki (OHSHC)

Tony Stark (Marvel)

Loki (Marvel)

Russia (Hetalia)


my brain's mistakes

Gender Dysphoria
Atypical Psychosis
Unspecified Tic Disorder
Big Gay

*NOTE: All of these are professionally diagnosed, with the exception of the large homosexuality and tic disorder. My tics are caused by brain damage from my antipsychotics.



Here you can access my build-a-bear collection, complete with photos and descriptions. These are my prized possessions and the objects I am most emotionally attached to.




This is the first bear I added to my collection! Dracula is a halloween exclusive bear from October 2019! I can not sleep with him because his clothes and the fur on the top of his head bothers me too much. He is cotton candy scented.


This is the Iron Man build a bear that I got on sale. He is the most worn and well loved, as I slept with him almost every night when I got him. He is lavender scented.


This is a regular "timeless teddy bear," wearing a hulk t-shirt. The Hulk makes me a little sad, so I opted to make my own bear to represent Bruce Banner. He is lavender scented. He is also very squished due to me sleeping with him.


This is the online exclusive Marvel Loki build a bear!! He's absolutely precious, but I can't sleep with him because the cape bothers me. He is strawberry scented.


This is the spider-man bear! I thought that it was going to be online exclusive, so it was very nice to find it in the store get to stuff it myself! I don't ever sleep with him out of fear of messing up his beautiful red fur. He is pineapple scented.


This is my absolute pride and joy. I literally take this thing with me everywhere and it is my most loved bear. I sleep with it some nights, but its always in my car when I go to school because I'm just that emotionally attached to him. He was online exclusive and he is strawberry scented.


This is the Harry Potter bear. My best friend bought this for me from the mall that I'm not allowed to go to. This bear is incredibly soft, and it is the only clothed bear that I can handle sleeping with. Unfortunately, the proceeds from this bear probably went to JKunt Rowling, but that doesn’t matter. He is strawberry scented and named after a warrior cat.


This is the Under the Sea bear, I got him as a child (approx. 2011) and he unfortunately was in my attic for the past five years. I recently took him from my attic and washed and restuffed him, and he is just precious! He is named after my friend who loves aquatic creatures.


Anastasia was named by my friend, who was probably thinking about 50 shades, but I personally like to think she’s named after the Anastasia musical! Vaporeon is one of my favorite Eeveelutions to use in game, and this Vaporeon plushie is incredibly comforting. She is strawberry scented.


This is Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon! I got this one when I went out to build a bear on a date. I was going to get Jolteon, but they were out of stock. This was actually the last Toothless left in the store, but I'm very glad I got him. He is snowflake scented, which I don't really like very much. I love him regardless.


This is the Kristoff bear from Frozen! I am actually not a big fan of Frozen (or Disney in general), but my darling little sister got him for me because I am the props master for my school's production of the stage musical Frozen! He is bubblegum scented.


This is Leo, my Valentine's day Lovable Lion! He is rose scented and I absolutely adore him. I got him basically for free because Build-A-Bear sends me a lot of coupons.


This is Dino, my Dyno-mite Dinosaur. He is strawberry scented (my favorite scent) and a beautiful, vibrant lime green. He is very nice to sleep with despite the fact that his snout is very hard for some reason.


This is the 2014 "Ultimate Spider-man" bear! One of my friends found him in a thrift store and washed and restuffed him for me. At the moment, he is not scented, but I will likely get a strawberry or lavendar scent for him. He is very soft and dear to me. I love him very much!